Hello & Welcome

Thank you for stopping by. I’m Laura, a Fitness Instructor and Massage Therapist. I created Auraflow to embody my services in Holistic Fitness and Wellbeing. Through exercise and massage therapy, I aim to increase fitness levels and strength, body awareness and mind body connection as well as that feel-good factor.

My services to you are all based around acknowledging and encouraging your mind body connection, whether it be through touch or movement. Allowing yourself to be, in your space, outside and inside. As I move further into my training I am starting to look more into working with muscular imbalances and the physical and emotional relief that arises from this and how I can support you.

The treatments I offer focus on a holistic approach to relax and release, open and let go. A perfect antidote to alleviating stress, tensions and a busy lifestyle. I can work quite deeply, aiming to encourage release to wherever you are ready. Each treatment can be bespoke to you, using a combination of techniques.

By contrast, when you come to my classes I want you to enjoy yourself and have fun; exercise doesn’t need to be serious! Embrace the parts that move well and the parts that don’t move so well. It doesn’t matter, what matters is that you show up and enjoy the beauty of movement. There are options and modifications so everyone can join in, from beginner to the super fit!

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