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Hello and Welcome to Auraflow, I’m Laura and I work with women who are experiencing stress, overwhelm and anxiety which can often lead to inflammation, physical discomfort and chronic pain. I call this stuck energy primarily held in the fascial and energetic bodies.  When we experience these, we are holding on to past emotions, events and traumas that have manifested into physical dis-ease and have not been able to be fully processed by the conscious mind. Our bodies create a fortress around our trauma to keep us safe and we can find ourselves living in survival mode, where our nervous system can be in a constant state of fight, flight or freeze – perhaps a combination of all 3.

As a Body and Energy Worker, I facilitate your sessions by holding space whilst your bodies (physically, energetically) realign, recalibrate and release holding patterns, subconscious beliefs and old experiences. Whilst at other times, a good massage or Aromatherapy treatment to alleviate you of everyday stresses and bring you back into balance and harmony is all you need.

My aim is to help bring you back into your body, creating a feeling of safety within yourself. Bringing in space for wellness, wholeness and authenticity so you can live the life that you have always wanted the other side of pain, discomfort and uncertainty. We are the Holy Trinity in our hearts, minds and bodies and one can’t heal without the other. Everything is connected and every way influences another part of our healing journey, propelling us forward to uncover those hidden parts of ourselves, perhaps the parts we don’t like or haven’t had the courage to meet yet.    

Working with the body holistically this way has been a part of my personal quest for embodiment, beginning to be in the world rather than feeling on the outside looking in. Having spent much of my life feeling like I was trapped inside my body, I started my healing journey 10 years ago in a bid to feel like I was truly living rather than being an observer, and an invisible one at that. Everything that I bring into my treatments are things I have experienced for myself and have had positive outcomes and changes. Body and energy work can be a great supplement to other forms of healing and therapy, should they not interfere. 

“We don’t really heal anything, we simply let it go”

Carl Jung

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Personalised Treatments 

 As a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists, I am deeply committed to providing high-quality care that focuses on your specific needs. Each treatment I offer is centered around a holistic approach to relaxation and release, allowing you to let go of accumulated stress, tensions, and the strains of a busy lifestyle. My techniques aim to encourage release wherever you are ready, fostering a profound sense of rejuvenation and balance. 

Holistic Fitness Classes Bristol

Movement is key for so many factors of our health and wellbeing. It facilitates moving energy around the body, stimulating lymphatic flow, mobilising the spine and the joints, increasing a mind-body connection and a feeling of joy in our hearts. Without movement, our bodies and our energy stagnate and we can experience a low level of mood. Group exercise particularly increases a sense of camaraderie by sharing the experience with other like minded people and even friendships beyond the class!
Currently, all my classes take place within gyms across Bristol, however, if you’re interested in one off events, please sign up to my mailing list

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