Fitness Classes held in Bristol. In my group sessions, I’m not just your fitness instructor; I’m your partner on your wellness journey. These classes are the perfect setting for you to achieve your unique goals. You can explore the grace and precision of Pilates, master the graceful strength of Barre, or find holistic harmony with Body Balance.

My classes are part of a holistic approach where we not only focus on exercise but also on nurturing your body and soul. I’m here to support you at every step of your fitness and wellness journey. I aim to increase fitness levels and strength, body awareness and mind body connection as well as that feel-good factor.

Join me in a Bristol Fitness Class to suit you. Currently, my classes are held in gyms across Bristol so to book, you will need membership to your chosen venue. When you come to my classes I want you to enjoy yourself and have fun; exercise doesn’t need to be serious! Embrace the parts that move well and the parts that don’t move so well. It doesn’t matter, what matters is that you show up and enjoy the beauty of movement. There are options and modifications so everyone can join in, from beginner onwards


The art of controlled movements


Created by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s, Pilates has a foundation of 34 exercises that have many styles and variations. It’s a strength-based discipline designed to work core stability, improve alignment, flexibility, muscular imbalances and gives greater balance and coordination. A great exercise option for injuries and rehabilitation.
I opt for a modern fusion of Pilates and Fitness Pilates for improved mobility, functionality, sequencing and challenges.

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Barre is a mix of ballet, yoga and pilates.


It uses a mixture of small isometric movements, low intensity and high reps to strengthen and condition isolated muscle groups. The majority of the classes are done at the ballet barre.

I teach freestyle Barre to pumping beats and classic tunes so as that intensity builds in the muscles, you can sing along and or distract yourself from that oh-so well known Barre Burn!

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Body Balance

Body Balance by Les Mills.

Body Balance

Body Balance by Les Mills is a beautiful pre-choreographed class based on simple yoga moves with a blend of tai chi and pilates elements. The workout is choreographed to music and ends with a 10 minute guided relaxation at the end, leaving you feeling a sense of inner calm.

You will be impressed with this full body workout that incorporates stretches, core and strength work infused in a predominately yoga style.

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