Holistic Massage

Indulge yourself in 60 – 90mins of pure bliss and relaxation. Allow, surrender and just be.

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Holistic massage works on all body systems by detoxifying, oxygenating and releasing muscular tension to create a more aligned psyche and bringing the body back into homeostasis.


Create a feeling of calm, peace & relaxation.

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Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils, powerful little bottles of plant essences that when blended together, work synergistically to create a beautiful feeling of calm, peace and relaxation.

Essential oils can work on the emotional, spiritual and physical bodies. During your consultation, you will choose a blend based on how you wish to feel. This is a collaboration between the Client and Therapist to unify the mind, body and soul. The most beautiful way to receive treatment.

Deep Tissue Massage

A stronger style of massage for a therapeutic benefit.

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Deep Tissue Massage is a Therapeutic style of massage. Using techniques to work deeper beneath the superficial muscle mass with the forearm, knuckles or even elbow. This helps to alleviate more chronic tension, bringing fresh blood flow to the area, aiding pain relief, improving posture and increasing range of movement.
A stronger style of massage with more of a therapeutic effect.
Pregnancy / Pre-Natal Massage

A hour of bliss for mums to be.

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An hour of bliss and relaxation for Mum’s to be who are 13+ weeks pregnant. A specifically designed treatment to alleviate lower back pain, edema, tired legs and aching necks and shoulders. Supporting you through any emotional stresses, lifestyle adjustments and physiological changes. Giving you time and space to enjoy time for yourself.

Massage Packages

*Applies to Holistic and DTM only
1 Hour

Single 1 hour treatment

Three Month Plan

Buy 5 x 1-hour massage and save £25.

6 month plan

Buy 10 x 1 hour massage and get the tenth one free

Aromatherapy package

90 minutes

Single 90 minute treatment

Three Month Plan

Buy 5 x 90 minute sessions. Free Essential Oil Gift

6 month plan

Buy 10 x 90 minute sessions and get the tenth one free, plus a free essential oil gift.